“Any activity is good for regaining the glory of basketball”

– It turns out some kind of league closeness. There are 12 top teams, but what about those who “breathe” them in the back? – On December 15, the qualifying stage will take place in Grodno. A direct ticket to ULE 3×3 will be played on it, also following the results of this mini-tournament we will give a wild card (special invitation) to one of the participants. – What is planned for the tour in Grodno?

– The Grodno Tour will play among themselves 12 teams – six Russian and six foreign. The set of teams is still ongoing. To take part in the selection, team representatives must fill out an application on our official website and provide the league with all the information required about it. Within a few days we will contact the representative and announce our decision. – Will the FIBA ​​3×3 rating be taken into account when selecting teams? – We will not only build on the team’s place in the FIBA ​​3×3 world ranking, but also look at the reality of the sports level in Russia. I am sure that these can be teams not only from Moscow, St. Petersburg, but also from Vladivostok, Novosibirsk, Irkutsk, Perm, Yekaterinburg, Kazan, Nizhny Novgorod, Krasnodar, Rostov and many other cities of the Russian Federation. I believe that the Grodno Tour allows teams from the above cities to directly get into the second season of ULE 3×3 and make themselves known to the whole world. Last year, by the way, this was achieved by the team of the Dynamo-RosEnergoAtom Production Center. In addition to all that, we are highlighting a kind of “financial” wild card in the Future division – the second season of ULE 3×3. One of the teams directly falls into the second division of ULE3x3, and the league pays for accommodation and meals during the rounds. In addition, the team receives a discount on the registration fee in the amount of 65 thousand rubles. – What prizes await the winners and prize-winners for the round in the second season of the European League 3×3? – For the first place, the team receives $ 2.5 thousand, for the second – $ 1.5 thousand, for the third – $ 1 thousand and for the fourth – $ 0.5 thousand. To some, this may seem like an insignificant change when compared with FIBA ​​events 3×3. But do not forget that we are only at the stage of formation. The league moves and develops systematically along with all conditions and components.

– On what resources will the second ULE 3×3 season be shown? – The second season is more significant and responsible for us also because we go to the largest federal sports channel. The second day of each round (playoffs) will be broadcast live on MATCH TV Country. Thus, we additionally want to popularize the new Olympic sport and show 3×3 basketball to a wide audience in a new light. In addition, ULE 3×3 will have its own mobile application. It will be possible to see unique content in it that simply does not fit on our social networks. I will not reveal the cards, but everyone should like it. – What attracted you to 3×3 basketball? – My whole team and I wish only one thing – that basketball 3×3 and 5×5 develop. We actually do not share these disciplines – we will not deny the fact that our entire team came from 5×5 basketball. We want the new Olympic discipline to grow and strengthen. Basically, basketball is basketball and it doesn’t matter on one ring or two. Yes, there is a significant difference in interpretation in terms of physical contact, game dynamics, certain tactics, but any activity is good for regaining the former glory of Russian basketball.

The Russian national basketball team completed the preparations for the 2019 World Cup in a friendly match with Spain, and on Saturday will hold the first group stage match with Nigeria. Our team will play at the World Cup for the first time in nine years and will try to win a ticket to the Olympic Games – 2020. True, this will not be so simple. It’s difficult to select epithets for the personnel situation in the main team of the country – this is a disaster in its purest form. The Russian team began to suffer losses in the spring, when the main point guard Dmitry Khvostov received a severe knee injury. And by the start of the tournament four more key figures flew out of the cage. In addition to Khvostov, this, of course, is the best sniper of Eurobasket 2017 and Euroleague 2017/18, the main star of the team Alexei Shved, NBA champion Timofey Mozgov and the undisputed team leader in the qualifying round of the 2019 World Cup Dmitry Kulagin.

Thus, our team will have to solve the assigned tasks with a semi-reserve team. In an interview with Izvestia, the head coach of the Russian national team Sergei Bazarevich shared his expectations from the group stage of the 2019 World Cup, named the reasons for the absence of Nikita Mikhailovsky and Vladislav Trushkin in the team, and also spoke about the expansion of the number of Russian teams in the United League.

“I don’t remember such a thing in the history of the Russian national team, so many leaders for one reason or another could not go to a major tournament at once,” said Sergei Bazarevich. “Nevertheless, one must not give up and give up.” The World Cup is a big event where we honestly selected, practically without using the players of the Euroleague clubs. For example, such strong teams as Slovenia, Croatia and Latvia did not succeed. So we must take the trip to China as a great opportunity to please the fans in the country and show themselves from the best side.

– The first match will be key for the national team in many respects – the victory over Nigeria practically guarantees the exit to the next round. The fact that the African team had a strike shortly before relegation to the 2019 World Cup will play into our hands?

– The World Cup is a good reason to pay attention to the problems of those teams that are dissatisfied with their federations. Therefore, I did not seriously consider the possibility that Nigeria would miss the tournament. That would be too much. We have all the information on the opponent. We saw all the matches of the Nigerians that they played in the selection, but now many new players have been added to them. Great food for thought was given by the games that they had already played in China. We will analyze them and be fully prepared for the match.

– And what can you say about South Korea? This is not a dark horse for you?

– They played a lot of friendlies. We have not started training, and the Koreans have already played eight matches. Subsequently, they did not slow down, and we saw all these games. We understand how they will play, who their leaders are. Scouting works well for us, we will be ready.

– You explained the reasons why you did not call Anton Ponkrashov to the team. Is there a similar situation for Zenit captain Evgeny Voronov?