Doctors listed the most dangerous drugs

Typically, in an average home medicine cabinet there are painkillers, anti-cold, antipyretic, antihistamines, disinfectants, and sedatives. In addition, you can find cough medicine, various gastrointestinal problems and poisoning in it. According to doctors, all these funds alone can be taken only in emergency cases and strictly in accordance with the instructions. According to statistics, the most common cause of side effects after taking any drug is the wrong dosage. Before taking medication, usually few people read the instructions, which indicate the dose for different weight and age of the patient. Particular care should be taken with antipyretic drugs. For example, aspirin, familiar to many generations, has a number of dangerous side effects, and for people with gastrointestinal tract problems it is generally contraindicated.

In children, aspirin can even provoke a serious pathology – Reye’s syndrome, which is accompanied by liver failure and encephalopathy. As for other drugs to combat heat, they can be no less dangerous, therefore, before taking them, you should definitely consult a doctor. In addition, you should not take painkillers for any discomfort. According to experts, Russians very often resort to their help, not realizing the potential danger. Doctors warn that painkillers cause problems with the gastrointestinal tract, heart, provoke fluid retention in the body, and can also cause hypertensive crisis, thrombosis or heart attack. In addition, you should not discount the possible allergic reactions to some components. The following are sedatives. Their main danger lies in the formation of dependence in the patient, and with an overdose or improper combination with other drugs, life-threatening complications can occur. The most “harmless” side effects are irritability, insomnia and increased fatigue. No less dangerous are vasoconstrictive sprays. According to experts, their use for more than 5 days negatively affects the body, as described in the instructions for each such drug. It must be remembered that dependence on decongestants that can relieve swelling of the mucosa is much more difficult to treat than a common cold.

Nature has tried to make man not only intelligent, but also mobile. We manage to solve dozens of tasks per day, running from one location to another. In order to keep the human body in good shape and create a strong support, the bones in the human body are connected to each other by joints. Rambler found out why joints are so important and how to protect them from the negative effects of various factors. Perpetual motion Scientists distinguish four main types of joint movement in the human body.

The widest range of possibilities for movement is provided by the joints connecting the humerus to the upper bones of the hands. The connection of the thigh bones also allows a person to not only walk straight, but also to squat, jump, balance when walking. Joints in the knees allow for rotational movements forward and backward in two planes. The elbow joint allows the arm to move freely through a combination of several joints: articulated and pivotal. The saddle joints located in our spine allow a person to walk. Due to the fact that our spine is long – it consists of 26 bones, the joints make it extremely flexible. University of Michigan researchers have studied the gait of several groups of people for 3 years, What is special about them Joints can be compared with hinges that ensure smooth sliding of the bones relative to each other. If there were no joints, human bones would wear off against each other, collapsing and leading to sad consequences. The life span of a person without joints can be reduced several times. Joints in our body play a triple role. Firstly, they help maintain the position of the body, preventing us from acquiring a shapeless state and turning our body into a bag of bones. Secondly, the joints are involved in the movement of body parts relative to each other. Thirdly, they are responsible for the coordination of movements and are the exact organs of locomotion of the body in space.

The joints will thank you »In the modern world, you are unlikely to find people who have never complained of pain in the knee joints in their entire lives. Every day they experience very strong loads, and often overload, destroying all the protective plates of the knees. Even ordinary discomfort or intermittent implicit pains should alert you. If you pay attention to joint disease only during periods when you can’t bend or bend your knee, painkillers are always used that do not treat you and do not improve the condition of your joints, but only dull the pain for a short period of time. Prevention of joint diseases is very important, the whole musculoskeletal system of a person depends on it, ”says Anastasia Litvitskaya, a doctor – rheumatologist. According to the World Health Organization, every 7th inhabitant of the planet suffers from joint pain. How to maintain healthy joints? Dose physical activity. It is known that one of the risk factors for arthrosis is an increased load on the joints, which wears them out. Practice physiotherapy exercises. Try to lead an active lifestyle and love measured walking, strengthening muscles and ligaments. They will help relieve part of the load and protect the joints from microtrauma. Watch your weight. Obesity leads to osteoarthrosis. If you experience sexually transmitted diseases, take their treatment very seriously. Diseases of this kind can affect the joints. Take multivitamins. Vitamin D, calcium, magnesium and other macronutrients should be taken additionally. If your diet does not have enough natural elements, consult a nutritionist to prescribe vitamin complexes.