If the medical test had not been canceled: a glass of wine – and you are an alcoholic without

The scandalous procedure for obtaining a medical certificate by drivers for the traffic police with a total blood test was urgently suspended by the Ministry of Health. In the regions, crowds of poor motorists were stormed by drug dispensaries, crowds were formed, and a pensioner died in one of them. Even the President Vladimir Putin critically spoke about the rise in prices for medical certificates caused by the initiative of the Ministry of Health. Moreover, the new test would not lead to an improvement in the situation of drunk and drug addicts driving, but thousands of people who drink alcohol in moderation could get the status of alcoholics and lose their driver’s license. Details are in the material of Izvestia.

Starting November 22, novice drivers and those who change their driver’s license would have to receive a medical certificate for the traffic police under the new rules. According to the order (No. 731n) of the Ministry of Health on amendments to the “Procedure for compulsory medical examination of drivers”, it was supposed that all drivers (and candidates for drivers) must pass urine and blood to determine psychoactive substances and to the CDT marker. Previously, this requirement did not apply to all motorists, but only to those whom doctors suspected of abuse of alcohol or drugs when they visited the drug dispensary.

The Ministry of Health explained its position by saying that general tests of drivers will allow doctors to get away from a purely visual assessment, relying allegedly on a more objective result of chemical-toxicological analysis. After the news about the repeated increase in prices for medical examination (from 1 thousand rubles to 5 thousand rubles and above), tens of thousands of Russians who are in the near future to obtain a driver’s license rushed to the medical clinic. In Kazan, in a drug dispensary on Tunakova Street, the pandemonium caused by this initiative led to tragedy: a 73-year-old man died in line for a medical certificate. Agitation with references did not pass by the attention of President Vladimir Putin; he harshly criticized the initiative of the Ministry of Health.

“The minimum wage level is the minimum wage – 11,280 rubles, 3.9 million people get such a salary. Moreover, employers often violate – pay less, and how many millions of people near this figure, a little more? 5 thousand rubles if you need to pay for this certificate – is that half the salary? Some nonsense! ”- the president reacted during the opening of the“ Moscow Central Diameters ”.

The Ministry of Health, through the mouth of the Deputy Minister of Health Oleg Salagai, urgently through the personal Telegram channel of the official announced the suspension of the new medical examination procedure. So, what did the initiative threaten the Russians with if it came into force tomorrow? First of all, the professional analysis of urine and blood by a CDT (carbohydrate-deficient transferrin) marker is questioned by professional narcologists. Expensive clinical trials are necessary to identify drug addicts and alcoholics, drug doctor Dmitry Dmitrievich is convinced.

“Only a detailed and detailed blood test can give a result, because it shows a complete picture of the use of various substances over the previous six months, both episodic and systemic cases – what and when. But this is a very expensive analysis, only its cost is 16 thousand rubles, and it takes a long time. A routine urinalysis about a week after the last drug use, depending on their type and individual characteristics of a person, may no longer show heroin, canabioids, amphetamine, alpha-pvp, methamphetamine, “salt”, MDMA. Synthetic drugs are not detected by routine tests at all, ”Dmitrievich explained to Izvestia.

Worst of all, the new procedure involved the determination of a CDT marker in serum of a motorist in a concentration exceeding 1.2% of all transferrin isoforms, a driver being referred for examination by a psychiatrist-narcologist, and instrumental examination in a specialized medical facility. However, such a low threshold for CDT, according to the coordinator of the “Blue Buckets” Peter Shkumatov, would have led to a massive rejection of completely normal drivers.

If the medical test had not been canceled: a glass of wine – and you are an alcoholic without a carPhoto: TASS / Elena Afonina

The Ministry of Health has postponed the entry into force of a new medical examination procedure for drivers

“1.2% is a too small threshold, healthy people have 1.6% of CDT, plus 15% – analysis error, we get 1.8% of CDT. This means that half of the healthy drivers who never drink or drink will become clients of drug treatment clinics. After that, a normal person, no longer in a car, but goes on foot to a drug dispensary, signs up with a doctor to explain how he got to such a life. And there they will already be registered as a chronic alcoholic. What follows this? Imagine you come to work, an HR specialist opens a special service, searches for your name, and it says that you are registered as a chronic alcoholic. They will tell you – thanks, we will call you back! And this is at least one of the problems, ”said Shkumatov.

The National Union of Motorists (US), in turn, also sent an appeal addressed to the Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, where he indicated that the new methodology for medical examination of drivers does not hold water. According to Anton Shparin, vice president of NAS, the cause of high CDT may be CDG syndrome, primary biliary cirrhosis, active chronic hepatitis, liver cell carcinoma and other diseases.

Presumption of guilt

The number of people who would encounter these difficulties is not difficult to identify: annually in Russia about 5.5 million people for one reason or another apply for a driver’s license.

The principle of the presumption of innocence could be violated by the new procedure, convinced automobile expert Sergei Ifanov.

“This is not clear: how did the order of the Ministry of Health go through all the approval procedures in the Ministry of Justice? After all, it is obvious that with this norm it turns out that all of our drivers are alcoholics and drug addicts, and they are obliged to prove to the state for money that this is not so. But let me, but this is a direct violation of the basic principle of the presumption of innocence. And then, you cannot fall into insanity: it turns out, I drank a bottle of beer or a glass of wine, the next day I went to take the test, and that’s all – I became a chronic alcoholic, ”Ifanov said.

However, Boris Mendelevich, a member of the State Duma Health Protection Committee, in a conversation with Izvestia, called the efforts of the Ministry of Health to improve road safety a healthy and timely idea. He urged not to abandon it, but to think over the issue of financing and “take steps to develop a roadmap for introducing these innovations, and it should be known to everyone – so that people know that after some time new research methods will be introduced upon receipt references for the traffic police. “