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Remember: the most important product information is written in the smallest font. When studying labels, pay attention to two main types of information: the composition of the product and its nutritional value.

The composition should include as few dyes, thickeners, preservatives, flavorings and other chemicals as possible. It is desirable that there are no additives of sugar, as well as wheat flour and fats. Especially you should be alert for the presence of vegetable fats, because this phrase often hides unhealthy palm oil.

After reviewing the composition of the product, refer to its nutritional value. Here we are most interested in two indicators – calorie content and fat content. Both must be moderate. Take two similar products, compare them in composition, calorie content and the amount of fat, and choose the product that is the most healthy.

Lifehack by Thomas Campbell, MD, author of Chinese Research in Practice

In one study, scientists measured how many chocolates office workers would eat under different scenarios: if you put sweets on a table, hide it in a drawer or put it on a shelf 2 meters from a person.

When sweets lay in a bright jar on a shelf, they ate the least: if an employee had to get up and go to the jar, he took an average of three sweets a day. When sweets were visible within reach, workers ate three times as much (8.6 candies per day), and if the sweets were hidden in a box, but still available, the result was intermediate (5.7 pieces).

When sweets lay in a bright jar on a shelf, they ate the least.

The following lesson follows from this simple experiment: make sure that getting the wrong food is uncomfortable and your results will be much better.

Life hack from the master of sports Ten Valihan, author of The Other You

To make the metabolism work to the maximum, we must reduce the volume of the stomach and increase the number of meals. Let’s compare our open palm with the volume of a plate full of food. Serving size must certainly be comparable to your own palm!

When preparing any dishes, follow the rules that help the body better absorb nutrients and, accordingly, increase the metabolic rate. Exclude sugar, flour products, semi-finished products (sausages, sausages, smoked meats, pickles and the like) from the diet, various types of sauces.

Steam dishes, bake in the oven or boil. Try to cook dishes with a small number of ingredients, as some foods are not digested together, such as potatoes (carbohydrate) and lamb (protein + fat).

Life hack from supermarathon Scott Jurek, author of the book “Eat Right, Run Fast”

Running efficiency depends on the technique of movement. But to start running, knowing about technology is not necessary. Absolutely. Just go on a forest path or on the sidewalk and run. Run at least 50 meters – as much as you can.

The next day you can run a little more. This type of activity will help you feel the incomparable joy of movement. It is like a children’s game. Don’t worry about your speed or how much you run. Let it be efforts only at 50 or 70 percent of the maximum.

The best way to “enter the zone” is to run with a friend and talk on the run. If you cannot talk, you are running too fast or too stressful. Combine running with walking, if necessary. Feel free to walk uphill and not run. Gradually add distance.

The best way to “enter the zone” is to run with a friend and talk on the run.

Lifehack by trainer Brett Clique, author of 7 Minutes to Fitness

Scientists who study human health and sports believe that fitness training should not last for hours. Mood and concentration can be improved in a few seconds of exercise. In a few minutes, they will already affect physical indicators (heart health, insulin sensitivity, metabolism) and will increase the level of hormones of joy even more.

After an intensive training session, which does not take even thirty minutes, positive changes in the metabolism persist for 72 hours; in addition, we reduce the risk of premature death, increase the amount of fat-burning enzymes in the muscles, improve glucose metabolism and get rid of extra pounds. And all this in a few minutes a day!