Named the five best summer tricks for drivers

On the eve of the summer season, auto experts have compiled a list of driver tricks that will help motorists feel comfortable in the hot season and reduce risks for operating a vehicle, according to Avtonovosti of the Day .

First of all, experts recommend that you always have a supply of water with you. If it is kept in a traffic jam for a long time, the engine of the machine may overheat, which can cause boiling and leakage of coolant. Water will help temporarily fix the problem.

Equally important is the timely maintenance of the air conditioning system. Experienced drivers advise checking the air conditioner in the spring: in hot summer, motorists turn on the air conditioner at full power, and it is in this mode of operation that an unattended air cooling system most often fails.

The next recommendation is to change tires in a timely manner in accordance with the season. In summer, winter tires increase the braking distance, impair safety in cornering and wear out quickly.

Together with rubber, auto mechanics advise changing the oil in the engine: in the summer, thicker liquids should be poured so that the engine does not overheat, and in winter, on the contrary, use liquid consistency oil.

Finally, experts recommend putting sunscreens under the windshield if the car is in the sun. If the interior elements are heated for a long time, a fire may occur. In addition, this will avoid excessive stuffiness inside the car.

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The Ministry of Emergency Situations told what rules should be followed in order to avoid injuries during ice, TASS reports .

In order to minimize the risk of falling, it is necessary to choose non-slip shoes, to attach metal heels or foam rubber to heels. Among other things, you can stick adhesive tape or insulating tape on a dry sole or rub it with sand or sandpaper.

In addition, rescuers recommend moving with slow steps, stepping on the entire area of ​​the sole.

“Feel that you are falling – try to group yourself,” the Ministry of Emergencies said.

If the fall could not be avoided, you should contact a medical institution to draw up a bulletin or certificate of injury. They can be brought to court for damages.

Earlier, weather forecasters promised that the second decade of November in Moscow will be snowless, and the temperature will remain above the climatic norm .

Representatives of the Ministry of Emergencies of Russia reminded fans of hiking that a satellite phone would help them promptly call for help in an unfavorable situation. The device will also allow you to keep in touch with the group in hard-to-reach places, Nation News reports on Wednesday .

The department also reminded travelers of the need to notify emergency services of planned trips 10 days before departure. Tourism organizations, individual entrepreneurs providing services in the field of tourism, as well as tourists traveling on their own, should be aware of this.

You can notify rescuers on the official websites of the Ministry of Emergencies in the region using a special form, as well as by e-mail. In this case, it is necessary to indicate the route of travel and its length, list the participants of the trip and the leaders of the group, as well as indicate the time and place of collection.

The EMERCOM of Russia gave recommendations on how to behave in the event of an accident. First of all, drivers need to maintain their composure and try to avoid a collision with another vehicle. In this case, it is better to take the car away from a blow into a ditch, into a fence, into a bush or even into a tree.

“Remember that when you collide with a stationary object, a blow to the left or right wing is worse than the whole bumper,” rescuers warn. At the time of the accident, you need to strain all the muscles and not relax until the car stops. At low speed, the driver must push his back into the seat and, straining all the muscles, rest his hands on the steering wheel. If the speed is above 60 kilometers per hour (and the motorist is not fastened), you must press your chest against the steering column. The passenger riding in the front seat should cover his head with his hands and “roll over on his side, prostrate on the seat.” For those who ride behind, it is better to lie on the floor. If a child is nearby, cover him with yourself. After an accident, you must immediately determine if the car is on fire and if gasoline is leaking. After that, leave the salon. If the door is jammed – through the windows. When you get out of the car, you need to move as far as possible, as at any moment an explosion can occur, and call the rescuers.