Putin instructed to increase the share of modern weapons in the armed forces

In the coming years, the share of modern weapons and equipment in the Armed Forces of the country should be increased to 70%. With this request, the President of Russia spoke at a meeting of the Security Council, which took place on November 22 in Novo-Ogaryovo. Vladimir Putin set other important tasks for the participants of the event to strengthen the state’s defense capability. He drew attention to the fact that it is important to accurately predict the change in the situation in connection with the collapse of the INF Treaty, and demanded to exclude failures in the indexation of the monetary allowance of the military. Sources of Izvestia reported that one of the main topics of the closed part of the meeting was the development of the Strategic Nuclear Forces.

The main theme of the Security Council meeting was the development of the armed forces for the period until 2030 in order to ensure national interests and security of the country. Vladimir Putin at the beginning of the meeting emphasized that in a situation when the world is facing serious challenges and threats, all components of the Armed Forces must act professionally and harmoniously . According to the president, military technologies are rapidly developing, and competition between individual countries is taking on new forms.

“In different regions of the planet not only smoldering hotbeds of long-standing conflicts, but also new ones appear,” he explained. – Leading countries are actively improving offensive weapons. I will add that the so-called nuclear missile club in fact – and you all know this well – is replenished with new members. Of serious concern is the approach of NATO’s military infrastructure to our borders, as well as attempts to militarize outer space.

Vladimir Putin meeting with permanent members of the Russian Security Council

A tangible blow to the arms control system was the US withdrawal on a far-fetched pretext from the Treaty on the Elimination of Intermediate-Range and Shorter-Range Missiles. According to the president, “the threat of proliferation of missiles of this class in different parts of the world has further increased tension in the world.” In these conditions, it is necessary “to accurately predict and analyze possible changes in the international situation and, in accordance with the conclusions, develop your military potential,” the Russian leader emphasized.

Nevertheless, it is worth noting that in recent years Russia has achieved many successes in strengthening its military potential. In particular, the state armament program was implemented. In the army and navy, the share of modern weapons and equipment is more than 68%. Some samples in their characteristics are ahead of their foreign counterparts for years to come, the president recalled. The material and technical support, as well as the mobilization readiness of the Armed Forces, improved. In addition, territorial defense systems and the training of military specialists were strengthened.

Moreover, new financial mechanisms have appeared that have helped increase the economic sustainability of the defense industry enterprises and retain staff , said Vladimir Putin. Of course, we must not forget about the successful military operation of the Russian Federation in Syria, which also contributed to the development of the country’s armed forces.

“Large-scale, active military operations, as you know, have been completed, but the combat experience gained is in demand today in military construction, is used and improved during the annual exercises and sudden inspections,” said Vladimir Putin.

On peaceful rails: military factories “disarm” for the needs of national projects

The President instructed to work out a system for expanding the production of civilian products in the defense industry

New challenges

In the period until 2030, it is necessary to continue the line on strengthening and developing the military, technical, personnel potential of the country’s military organization . In this regard, it is important “to ensure the balanced development of all components of the military organization, primarily through the competent and rational use of budgetary funds and material and technical resources,” said Vladimir Putin.

In addition, it is necessary to improve the management system of the military organization, he addressed members of the Security Council during the meeting. The President emphasized: this system should be modern, reliable, multifunctional, possess advanced information and analytical systems, communications and intelligence. When solving problems in the field of defense and security, a clear interaction should be established between law enforcement agencies and authorities at all levels, the president explained.

Vladimir PutinPhoto: RIA Novosti / Alexey Druzhinin

By the way, last week the Ministry of Defense summed up the results of the Center-2019 strategic exercises held in September. The head of the military department Sergey Shoigu then noted that five federal executive bodies and 32 regions were involved in the maneuvers – a total of more than 3 thousand people and about 400 pieces of equipment. Military, law enforcement and civil authorities worked out the issues of planning and practical implementation of joint territorial and civil defense measures.

The president paid special attention to the use of the latest technologies during the meeting. According to him, in the coming years, the share of modern weapons and equipment in the army and navy, as well as in other power structures should be increased to 70%.

– What does this mean in practice, dear colleagues? That, despite all the turbulent technological changes in the world, our Armed forces should be equipped with the latest science and technology , ”the president instructed. – And the way we managed it now – and this is a rare occurrence both for our country and for the world as a whole in recent history: we actually managed to take a step forward compared to other leading military countries of the world – of course, we need to strive for that in order to maintain this state in the future in the most important areas of development.

In the strategic nuclear forces, which “play a key role in containing the potential aggressor and maintaining the balance of power in the world, the share of modern weapons should be even higher,” added Vladimir Putin. Moreover, already next year Russia will have to begin the formation of the state armament program until 2033.

– The main task of the new period is to build up the qualitative and quantitative characteristics of weapons and equipment. We are talking about modern and promising examples of high-precision weapons and aerospace defense, the active use of artificial intelligence technologies in the creation of military products. The range of unmanned reconnaissance and attack aircraft, laser and hypersonic systems, weapons based on new physical principles, as well as robotic systems capable of performing diverse tasks on the battlefield should be expanded, ”Vladimir Putin explained.

The appearance of the Niobium-SV radar will be a response to the deployment of US missile defense systems in Romania

– First of all, we are talking about models of the reconnaissance-strike drone “Corsair”. A new line of planning bombs has been developed for him. Orlan-30 reconnaissance target designator for artillery. This system will receive laser target designators and target lights. The adoption of these UAVs is a matter of the coming years. As for ground-based robotic systems, work is being carried out quite actively. A number of promising projects are being finalized, including the Uranov line, the Nerekhta, and the Companion projects. Also, promising types of weapons are the Laser Peresvet and the hypersonic Vanguard, ”Anton Lavrov explained to Izvestia.

Vladimir Putin added that defense industry organizations need to increase the level of production and technological readiness for the development and serial production of modern weapons and equipment. Among the unconditional priorities for the development of the Armed Forces and increasing the prestige of military service. The strengthening of the system of social guarantees is also called upon to help. So, the head of state demanded to exclude failures in the indexation of the monetary allowance of the military.

“People should feel, performing the most important tasks related to domestic and family deprivations, in conditions of increased risk and often life-threatening, concern from the homeland, from the authorities, the state for which they serve,” the president emphasized.

Over the past decade, a qualitative shift has occurred in the rearmament of the Strategic Missile Forces, submarine missile carriers and long-range bombers. Back in the late 2000s, the military had to extend the life of old missiles, and experts warned that such a situation could not continue for long. However, now we can already state that the main work on updating the strategic nuclear forces has been completed, said military expert Dmitry Kornev. In the coming years, it will only be necessary to bring it to the end, making adjustments as necessary.


“In a few years, almost all the missiles that are in service with the Strategic Missile Forces will be new,” the expert told Izvestia. – In the next year or two, the old Topol complexes will be completely replaced by Yars-M missiles. In a year, the change of the Voyevoda heavy liquid rockets to Sarmatians should begin. It is planned that before the end of the year the first two Avangard complexes with hypersonic warheads will take up combat duty. In the coming years, two regiments of these complexes should be deployed.

The transition to the Bulava continues in the Navy, Dmitry Kornev added. By the end of this year, the fleet should adopt the Borey-A missile, which will replace liquid-propellant missiles in Project 667 submarines. As for long-range aviation, the Tu-160 and Tu-22M3 strategic bombers are being modernized there.