What disease will help to avoid cottage cheese

Osteoporosis is one of the most serious diseases for humans. Only in Russia, 14.5 million people suffer from this ailment, and 20 million are at risk. “Rambler” found out how to prevent the appearance of a dangerous disease by using a product such as cottage cheese. Why does osteoporosis occur? This is a bone disease that makes our bones incredibly fragile, leading to numerous fractures of all limbs. With osteoporosis, bone mineral density is significantly reduced. Scientists at the Medical University of Hanover have come up with many reasons for the manifestation of this disease, for example, in young years, many do not pay due attention to their health, consuming a large amount of alcohol, tobacco and low-quality food – fast food. Plus, in urban conditions, all residents get used to inactivity, thereby giving numerous diseases the opportunity to visit their lives.

After 45 years, the production of certain hormones necessary for our bones is reduced in the human body. Most people do not even think about the balance of trace elements in the body and subsequently suffer from their deficiency. Note that throughout life a person is subject to psychological stress and multiple stresses. The nervous system becomes loose, reducing the protective properties of the body. Thus, the immunity of a healthy person is undermined, and osteoporosis easily manifests itself in young people, despite the fact that this disease is more typical of older people. Nutrition Prevention Scientifically proven: the factor that prevents the appearance of osteoporosis is a correct and balanced diet. Doctors urge you to eat only natural products and abandon the preservatives contained in many products. Preservatives interfere with the absorption of nutrients in the body and contribute to the rapid elimination of calcium, which is essential for maintaining bone tissue.

What foods contain trace minerals important for bones? Cottage cheese, milk, cheese and other dairy products. Fish and bird. Fruits and vegetables, legumes, legumes and various cereals. Why cottage cheese comes first The number of elements containing in the curd includes: Vitamin B12 helps the nervous system function. Vitamin B2, responsible for metabolism. Vitamin A. It is useful for the production of cells that are responsible for the immune system and the appearance of the skin. “Often with such a serious disease as osteoporosis, patients are prescribed special diets. Dairy products are rich in high calcium and lactose, which improves the absorption of calcium in the body. The use of cottage cheese in large quantities also has a large number of side effects, but it is worth noting that in a reasonable dosage this product can not only prevent the occurrence of osteoporosis, but also other serious bone diseases, ”says Natalya Livninskaya, nutritionist.

A healthy person can eat cottage cheese at any time of the day, but you should always pay attention to the daily routine and personal preferences. Since cottage cheese is rich in protein, which is absorbed in the body for a long time, this product is best for breakfast. If you want to dine with cottage cheese, pay attention to its fat content, it can affect the pancreas, overloading it with a lot of sodium.