Why teeth are a clear indicator of age

Few people guess how paying attention to the smile of the interlocutor, you can determine his age. Rambler found out why the appearance and color of teeth is the first signal of aging. Young smile – how is it? A graduate of New York Medical University, Gary Merloush, told the city newspaper how dentists read a young smile by certain standards. Firstly, it is microcracks on tooth enamel. Surely you noticed that in older people, enamel eventually acquires not only a yellowish tint, but microcracks also form on it. Secondly, crowding of teeth adds a couple of extra years. How does the wrong bite form? Over time, the bone tissue of the jaw dissolves, the teeth become loose and “sprawl” a little. If an adult initially had problems with a bite, then uneven teeth have the peculiarity to wear off and grind noticeably. Thirdly, the age of a man is easily determined by fangs. If the tips of the fangs are rounded, and in height they are equal to the rest of the teeth, then those around can easily add a couple of years to a man. In young children, the fangs are sharper and longer, similar to the fangs of a predatory animal. How to hide age-related changes After 35 years, a person begins natural aging processes. Thinning and chipping of enamel can be fixed by special ultrathin tooth pads – ceramic veneers.

They will allow you to restore the volume of the tooth and slightly change the shape to improve the appearance. It is easiest to determine age by the color of enamel. Dentists advise you to see a specialist once every six months for professional cleaning. After all, the surface of a person’s teeth has several shades – from dark yellow to gray. A variety of colors directly depends on your age and lifestyle. Large upper front teeth are markers of youth. Due to the anatomical structure of the skull, they have the ability to wear off and disrupt the entire appearance. Replacing old crowns and fillings will visually reset 7-10 years. If you installed crowns a long time ago, got used to them and never thought of their existence, be sure that they changed their color and deformed. People often notice this defect, attributing it to old age.

Dainties do not burden the digestive organs. Therefore, doctors consider them the most preferred snack for vodka. But it is worth focusing on the fact that salty and pickled products are two different things. For example, cucumbers or cabbage are not dangerous, and even vice versa are useful, according to gastroenterologists. Cabbage contains methionine (vitamin U), which is able to heal the gastric mucosa and prevents ulcers. This is a physiological solution that contains a normal amount of salt, it can be equated with a dropper, – quotes the words of gastroenterologist Sergei Vyalov (AiF). But marinades in combination with alcohol are dangerous to health. And you need to be careful with them. Marinade, for a set of acid content (most often vinegar), irritate the walls of the stomach. And if you abuse pickled snacks, then this can lead to gastritis and a stomach ulcer. According to Sergei Vyalov, pickled snacks are easier to make and sell. This is a tribute to fashion. Choose healthy snacks and you will not have to regret the feast.

Despite the fact that sauerkraut is considered a very useful product, it is not recommended for certain groups of people. This was told by a dietitian of the National Association of Dietitians and Nutritionists of Russia Natalia Kruglova . So, sauerkraut can harm hypertensive patients, as well as people with impaired salt metabolism, as the salt contained in it is the cause of blood pressure spikes. In addition, it retains fluid in the body, which can lead to increased blood pressure and swelling. Due to the fermentation products contained in this type of cabbage, it is also not worth eating for people with weak intestines – this can cause bloating and flatulence. The product is not recommended for women during breastfeeding – the baby may subsequently begin colic. – People who are prone to fluid retention when using salt should consume sauerkraut, taking into account the use of other products containing salt. It may not be worthwhile to completely exclude such cabbage, but at the same time you need to eat less other salty foods, ”the publication Arguments and Facts quoted Kruglov.