You will be beautiful. How to enhance the effect of a face mask

Why you should not write off some folk beauty recipes, is it possible to keep the mask on your face longer than indicated in the instructions, how to prepare your skin for this procedure and properly finish it, explains esthetician cosmetologist Maria Stepanova .

1. Do not overdo it

Instructions for use exist for a reason. If it says that the mask should be kept for 15 minutes, observe the indicated time. Do not leave it on your face “for an hour or two” for the best effect, because you absolutely will not get it. Moreover, if you overexpose, for example, an clay mask, there is a risk of overdrying the skin. Yes, this is not critical, but it is not pleasant enough. Remember, when the time specified in the instructions passes, the mask usually stops working, so walking with it for half a day instead of a few minutes is irrational.

2. Prepare the face

The skin must be prepared for applying the mask. I’m not just talking about removing makeup. For some reason, some women believe that if there is no makeup on the face, then you can already apply a mask. This is actually not the case. Yes, visually the skin may look clean, but in fact it may not be. First, in any case, you need to wash, then rub your face with tonic, also to enhance the effect, apply serum and only then proceed with the procedure. When you wash off the mask, follow the same procedure: tone the skin, then apply serum or cream.

3. Listen to yourself

There is an opinion that over time you need to change cosmetics, including masks, otherwise addiction will occur and you will not get the desired effect. Of course, such a view has a right to exist, but if you have been using the products of one company for many years and are happy with everything, why change something? In my practice, there have been times when such experiments did not give women the desired result, but only added problems. If you want variety, just try some products from the same line, of the same manufacturer. Consistency is not such a bad quality in this situation. It seems to me that you need to change cosmetics and masks when you stop being happy with their action.

4. Consider seasonality

When the temperature is below freezing, moisturizing masks are best done at night. The fact is that they saturate our cells with additional moisture, and when you go out in this state in the cold, peeling and weathered skin cannot be avoided. By the way, for the same reason, you do not need to use moisturizing lip balms in winter, otherwise cracks may appear on them, choose nutritious analogues.

5. Do not forget to pause

Masks are wonderful, but our skin should also work on its own, do not overly help it. Use masks once, maximum twice a week, no more. You do not water the flowers every day. The same with our skin: it’s harmful to exert oneself.

6. Do not talk

There is a horror story that if you put a mask on your face and walk around the house with it, then under the influence of gravity the skin will immediately begin to slide down. Frankly, she is greatly exaggerated. However, I believe that walking in this form is still not worth it.

In my opinion, a mask for a woman is a great reason to lie down and completely relax for as long as 15-20 minutes. Why ignore him? In addition, it will be helpful to keep silent during the procedure. The horizontal position of the body and complete silence will give an excellent effect.

7. Wash off correctly

Wash off the mask along the massage lines with the help of sponges, but do not forget that they should be washed and dried well after each use, and ideally, use a new sponge every time. Of course, if you have a sponge for two thousand rubles, it is unlikely that it will be disposable. Then just look after him carefully.

8. Do it yourself

Today one can often hear: “Why make a mask from improvised means if the store is full of ready-made options?” Personally, I think that some folk recipes are very good. For example, an oatmeal mask perfectly cleans. Just use freshly brewed porridge, not the one that has stood in your refrigerator for five days. A mask of avocado from dark circles proved to be quite good. It just needs to be softened to the state of gruel and applied under the eyes. But, of course, when there is no time, store options are an ideal way to get out of the situation.